RTC2 - Part 2: Meso and macro-scale simulations of lime-based materials and structures
Gliwice, Poland
22-26 April 2024
RTC1 - Part 2: Properties of lime mortars and masonry systems: fundamentals and testing
Guimarães, Portugal
23-27 October 2023
RTC2 – Part 1: Micro-Meso scale structure simulation of lime-based materials
Delft, Netherlands
22-26 May 2023
RTC1 – Part 4: Sustainability of lime-based masonry systems using LCA
Darmstadt, Germany
19-23 September 2022
RTC1 – Part 3: Geochemical modelling applied to lime
Santorini, Greece
25-29 April 2022
RTC1 – Part 1: Properties of lime and lime-based matrices: fundamentals and testing
Granada, Spain
22-26 November 2021
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Lime mortars: history and their current relevance
Gilberto Artioli
12 May 2023
Multi scale approaches for delayed behaviour of cement-based materials
Farid Benboudjema
12 December 2022
Suitability of geopolymer made from waste coal fly ash as replacement for Portland cement concrete
Leslie Petrick
19 October 2022
Pozzolans and SCMs to lower the environmental impact of binders in construction
Sara Pavia
06 October 2022
A review in Masonry systems in Brazil
Guilherme Parsekian
16 March 2022
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